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Welcome to Hole Farm Riding Centre

Riding Lessons


Beginner Group Lessons (30 minutes)

We advise our riders to have 2 or 3 lead rides before joining our beginner group lessons, but if riders feel competent enough you may join the lessons without the lead rides beforehand.

You’ll learn how to ride on the lead rein such as how to sit correctly, stopping, starting, steering and introducing the trot and working towards riding independently.


Improver Group Lessons (30 & 45 minutes)

Your instructor will suggest you join our 30 minute improver lessons once you can walk and trot independently and are ready to learn to canter.

45 minute improver lessons are for riders who can walk, trot and canter confidently and would like to towards jumping small fence.


Private Lessons

One to one instruction, ideal for any level of rider who does not wish to join a group. Suitable for riders who are new to the centre or just enjoy riding independently.

Week days only  

Shared private lessons (minimum of 2 riders) can be arranged for riders who wish to ride with a friend but not in a large group.